product design intern
team: uber.com

Uber.com showcases different services Uber has to offer and maintains 11+ websites that are localized in 60+ countries around the world. Over the course of 12 weeks, I worked on 4 different projects (driver guarantees, global citizenship, redesigning search bar and products menu) and was given the opportunity to work with other designers, design engineers, software engineers, project managers, marketing managers and legals. I would like to thank my entire Uber.com design team in particular (James Song, Diego Tres, Gabriela Medina, Nancy Yang, Hugo Gomes, Chanelle D’Andria, Christian Rauh) for helping me learn and grow as a designer over the summer. 

Design Challenge
The main project I worked on was the ‘Driver Guarantees’, a product that allows first-time drivers to see their earning potential before signing up. Driver guarantees essentially promises drivers x amount of money in x city in the first month they drive with Uber.

The main design challenge for my project was to design a block solely dedicated to driver guarantees that could be flexibly used by different content authors on Uber.com. Furthermore, the driver guarantees program enables first-time drivers to feel assured of their income potential, therefore, it was crucial that they were aware of the existence of the program.   However, due to NDA terms, I am unable to disclose any specific details of my project publicly.

Design Process

Research + Audit

When I was first assigned this project, I reached out to a number of UX researchers to get a better understanding of how users have responded to Uber.com’s existing driver guarantees (i.e what they felt was working and what they felt was missing). Then I began auditing other existing guarantee programs to identify how their guarantee programs engage with their users.

Identify User Problems + Define Scope

Looking into research findings helped me identify user pain points and key areas for improvement. I worked with the product team to list design priorities, logistical issues and technical difficulties to narrow down the scope of this project.

Design Iterations

With the narrowed scope in mind, I began ideating multiple design solutions in different fidelities but drastic changes had to be made along the process due to time constraints, technical difficulties and abrupt changes with copy. From here, I learned to keep everyone in the loop even on minor design changes as the scope narrowed down even more over time.

Final Product + Launch

Once all the high fidelity design was finalized, I used Principle (prototyping tool) to prototype the final design out so that engineers could visualize the motion I envisioned. Feel free to email me to see the final product!

Key Takeaways

Understand the Users

As an avid user of Uber, I imagined my first-hand experience as a rider would come in handy but because Uber.com dealt with users ranging from riders, drivers, eaters, deliverers, content authors, publishers, and many more, I realized my experience was specific to a single use case. I found reframing my design questions and deliberately putting myself in the shoes of others helpful in understanding what users may need, want and feel. 

Stay Proactive

When I first came to Uber, there were so many questions I wanted to ask and so many technical jargons I did not understand but I was too afraid to ask. I realized, in the second week of my internship, that all these unanswered questions only inhibited the process. That’s when I began proactively reaching out to people and asking them for help and feedback. People are usually willing to help in any way they can so don’t be afraid to ask questions any time and all the time.

Timebox Task

I’m a big fan of the exploratory phase. I often find myself engrossed in the ideation process and don’t seem to settle on a design soon enough. But during my internship, I learned to better time box my tasks by narrowing the projects scope down and streamlining the process. This allowed me to use my time more efficiently and still reach an optimal solution.