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No Comfort Organization aims to advocate for the rights of former comfort women and hopes to educate and pass on the stories of the survivors. This campaign exhibits the powerful agency and adaptive skills of the survivors, and celebrates their strong will and survivorship as a victory of their personal strength. This is shown through the formal qualities of the campaign's branding. The flower petals symbolize womanhood and stolen youth, but the firm grounded petals represent the victims' bravery and unwavering stance.

This project propagates the significance of preserving history and spreading awareness of the past, in hopes of the victims hearing an official apology, admission of moral misconduct and receiving reparation from the government before it’s too late. A lot of campaigns seeking to bring about justice for former comfort women seemingly failed due to the fact that the issue has either been forgotten or had competing historical crimes. However, in order for campaigns to effectively gain attention, it is important for civil society actors to continuously frame particular historical injustices as pressing moral issues and demand atonement.


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An estimated number of 200,000 women were forced into prostitution by the Japanese army during World War II. Most of these women were deceitfully recruited with an initial promise of factory employment, only to find out they were taken to be tortured day and night. Justice for these victims can only be sought if the implementation of this horrific ‘comfort women’ system is acknowledged as a military war crime, a violation of human rights as well as a sexual and ethnic discrimination.Many victims have fought to share their testimonies publicly and with more survivors rapidly passing away, due to age, it is crucial to renew activism on this issue. This extension project is a netflix documentary series aimed to shed light on each and every one of those elderly women with similar yet distinctive experiences. Each episode will be dedicated to each comfort women who are willing to share their story.