team: design

role: visual designer

Hack@Brown is an annual hackathon run by students at Brown University and RISD. This year, I worked with 6 other talented designers to create the visual branding for the Hack@Brown student organization.  This style guide was created by the design team collaboratively.

4 designers, including myself, were responsible for designing the illustrations on the landing page. I was responsible for the sponsor section of the page.

Problem & Solution

The label ‘hackathon’ seems to deter people away from wanting to participate. Perhaps it’s because hackathon culture has a stigma for being overly competitive and the environment encourages people to prioritize winning a prize instead of the experience itself, which intimidates especially inexperienced people from joining. Hack@Brown 2019 aimed to foster a supportive culture for growth for all hackers, even who have never coded before.  

This year’s hackathon theme ‘Recess’ encourages everyone, no matter how experienced, to participate in trying a new form of technology to create something inventive and beautiful while having fun. The main objective was to make the experiencing of hacking as inclusive as possible. By incorporating 3D visuals, the Hack@Brown 2019 web is playful and inviting. To retain the playful feel along with our ‘recess’ theme, we used Cinema 4D to make playground illustrations with a technological spin to it such as the wii controller as a rocking horse.

Brand Collaterals

4 designers, including myself, were responsible for designing the 3D renderings on the landing page and I was specifically responsible for the sponsors section of the page. With the brand collaterals, I was assigned to design the look of the nametags that would be given on the day of the Hackathon and to render 3 workshops’ poster illustrations; each illustration is inspired by the company’s mission.