co-product designer 

6 weeks sprint launch

In 2021, Coupang was to launch in Japan. This was a huge milestone for the company as it was their first international expansion outside of Korea. Coupang Japan promises quick 10 minute delivery by independent delivery workers like food delivery companies in Japan.

Due to the sensitive nature of the project and its high priority status, our team consisted of only a couple of individuals: myself, senior product designer, 10 engineers, 2 project managers and 2 user researchers.

I worked closely with our senior designer to design the entire end-to-end app experience for its initial launch. We used our Coupang’s design system to create a flow that prioritized ease of use and simplicity.

Throughout the project, we worked hand-in-hand with our user researchers to get a better understanding of the user behavior of consumers in Japan. The research findings were essential in shaping our design decisions to ensure the design was as intuitive and familiar to the community as possible. We also aligned efforts with the project managers to scope out the initial launch, lay out the requirements and discuss post-mvp features to test. 

Dev-design pairing came in once the flow was close to completion. This way, we were able to do design QAs in real time and communicate on the spot, preventing miscommunication from happening.  

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