Visible Abstraction


  1. Installation

    Resulted from the conversion of an analogue condition to a digital condition, the rapidly rising digital data encapsulate reality. By utilizing big data, we have access to a diverse range of data itself, which do not have a realistic definite form but an conceptualized guise. Searching for an image on Google, a search engine representative of big data, demonstrates that even the most non-representational abstract word search can generate a visual image to define the word. Employing ‘big data’ enables us to envision and grasp such broad conceptual phenomenon.

  2. Layout Sketching

    Our primary research began by critically examining and researching a single source of information, which in our case was a phrase.

    “The initial movement of love inevitably stems from ignorance”
    Love, initial, movement, inevitable, ignorance, basis and unavoidable. These 7 words (selected from the phrase we have chosen) in fact, have no form. To get a concrete image for each word, we used google (big data) to pull up all images which were then translated into "pixels”(square shaped frames). In these pixels are the mean of all images collected for each word.

  3. Exhibition Poster

    Final exhibition posters showing concepting, idea sketching, process, and final execution.